A Remote Year/A Closer Year
with Colyne Morange (Stomach Cie, FR)
2012 - 
Engaging in a 1 year long-distance collaborative relationship – using Skype & a monthly exchange of 5 formal & poetic rules - artists Melanie Jame Wolf (AU/DE) & Colyne Morange (FR) together experienced 2013 as A Remote Year. A difficult year. A wonderful year. A strangely committed & determined year of two artists separated by distance, trying to make it work – a work - often failing & sometimes succeeding. Somehow persisting for an entire 12 months with this ambitious & sometimes seemingly impossible task. In late 2014, they will begin A Closer Year – an 18 month period where they will undertake a number of residencies & moments – their bodies finally in shared actual spaces to work with the vast amount of material generated virtually during A Remote Year - to create a work about the contemporary condition of love, creative labour, language, distance & the digital video call screen space as a site of intimacy, contact & performance.
A new aesthetics of modern love.
A Remote Year/A Closer Year.