Month of Performance Art - Berlin | co-curated as Kat/Wolf (Triage) | Berlin | May 2014
1 hotel. 4 rooms. 8 artists. 48 hours.
Experimental intimacy. Collaborative perversions. Exquisite Pressure. Like to watch? This is a Peep Show. Enjoy your stay.
HOTEL OBSCURA Draft #1 was an experimental performance event conceived created & curated by Katerina Kokkinos-Kennedy & Melanie Jame Wolf (Kat/Wolf) of Triage. 8 Berlin-based performers have been invited to occupy 4 rooms of an unnamed hotel for 48 hours of durational experimental performance-making across one weekend. The performances were catalysed by a sequence of timed-based tasks & provocations and presented via continuous live streaming.

HOTEL OBSCURA Draft #1 informed the first year of experimental performance laboratories designed for the broader HOTEL OBSCURA project. HOTEL OBSCURA was funded by the European Cultural Commission (2014-2016). The project examined notions such as 'the productivity of limitation' in the creation of new works, and augmented digital technologies that enable performers to extend intimacy and liveness across distance via the use of mediatised performance modes. It was intended as a space for the productive exchange of practices between international artists  responding to the poetics, thematics, politics, and aesthetics of the hotel space. 
The 8 HOTEL OBSCURA Draft #1 participating artists are:
Ana Berkenhoff 
Adrian Brun 
Alexander Coggin 
Martin Hansen 
Katerina Kokkinos-Kennedy 
Sarah Lüdemann 
Michael Norton 
Melanie Jame Wolf 
Produced by triage live art collective in partnership with the European Cultural Commission, Mezzanine Spectacles and the Australia Council for the Arts.
Presented as a part of Month of Performance Art – Berlin 2014.
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