Live performance & video installation series
"Oh, she is moving, she is making her way across a landscape.
Yes, a landscape.
Oh, she is moving, she is making her way across, a landscape.
Oh, a landscape."

Oh is a multi-channel video & sound installation activated by a live performance event. It is one in an ongoing series of 3 works: Oh, Yeah, Tonight – which deal with commonly repeated words or utterances from the lyrics of pop songs. In its Pop use, 'Oh' specifically operates as an expression of surprise, of pain, of disapproval, of realisation, of ecstasy. In this performance and video installation cycle, processes of repetition, modulation, sub-titled text, and a saturated layering of pop and historical references explode the phrase out into eerie and weird significance – into a space of unsettled hypnosis, a haunted melodrama.