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Video installation & performance series
"There have been rumours."

Rosi Braidotti suggests that myths are always political fictions, they are potent and manipulable rumours. Departing from this idea, CHORUS explores the formal pop cultural idea of the 'mythic space' while trying to understand the mechanics of gossip and rumour themselves as instruments of power in a time of fake news and people being 'cancelled' in the nefarious neo-village square of social media. And so, the personas of CHORUS are all preoccupied with intrigues, with paranoias, with operations, with self-presentation, with acts of clumsy espionage. The kind of drag that CHORUS is - both as a space, and in the personas performed in the work – draws on artist and theorist Renate Lorenz's understanding of drag as 'an assemblage'; an act of layering and montaging a persona into being from disparate elements, temporalities, and reference points.

Press & Critiques: Arts Review

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