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Live performance for theaters / 60 min
HIGHNESS is a kind of shapeshift through a series of potential Queen personas. It is an inhabitation of the work of wearing a crown in the everyday; in stories and in histories of colony, blood, theft, duty, devotion, and spectacle, always in relation to one's subjects. HIGHNESS drawson the syntax of Music Video and The Pop Concert exploring how images of 'regal feminine' power are constructed and deployed in (in)famous and everyday realms. HIGHNESS critiques the construct of the exalted figure through revealing the ways in which the construction of fierce images are produced through the labour of many invisible hands, and by exposing the complicated politics of reproduction on terms of heirs, images and reputation.
HIGHNESS is the second piece in the Arch Type trilogy of performance & video works. This series began in 2015 with MIRA FUCHS.  The three works investigate economies of affect as they relate to three available archetypes of performing womanhood:  the Whore, the Queen, and, the Hag.



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