Live performance / 70 min
Multi-channel video installation
Sophiensaele, Berlin June 27, 2019 / premiere
Sister work to the Oh Yeah Tonight video installation
tonight is one of the most frequently used words in pop music,
and probably the most powerful.
When this word is heard, or sung along to and out loud - a sense can open up that tonight,
for real, something momentous might occur.
It might take the shape of a romantic event or a total revolution.
But either way, this extraordinary event will bring with it a radical transformation of your life
as you have lived it up til now.
As a lyric, tonight functions as a powerful talisman or portal to an alternate time and place.
As a performance, TONIGHT critically explores the potency of this popularly shared poetic of the tonight space.
It looks at tonight as a complicated tension between being place of queer becoming
– where we imagine and stage other possibilities of ourselves –
and a vehicle of exploitation of desire via the pop machine.
tonight is the sensual world. 
tonight is the promise of an imminent magic moment - the ancient Greek notion of Kairos. 
tonight is an uncontainable temporality, a sticky speculation of desire that spills over.
It is an act of cultural edging that is both a sanctuary for rehearsing our ideal selves
and a cruel fiction running on an engine of nostalgia for a space and time that is yet to be.
TONIGHT explores the pleasures and perils of the erotics, the poetics, and the politics
of a shared pop imaginary of exquisite anticipation.
Forever's gonna start tonight...
Press & Critiques:  Public Seminar, Berlin Art Link, rbb24, Kaput Magazin
Concept, Text, Video, Direction: Melanie Jame Wolf 
Performed by: Melanie Jame Wolf, Sheena McGrandles, Rodrigo Garcia Alves 
Sound Design: Mieko Suzuki Costume Design: Josa Marx Light Design: Ariel Efraim Ashbel Set Design: Jonas Maria Droste
Outside Eyes: Sharon Smith, Peaches Assistant: Evan Loxton Production: Joseph Wegmann / björn & björn
A production by Melanie Jame Wolf in co-production with SOPHIENSÆLE.
Supported by Hauptstadtkulturfonds – German Cultural Capital Fund, Australia Council for the Arts,
Cité internationales des arts, The Substation - Melbourne,
and MAKE artist development programme and residency - Theatre Forum Ireland.