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Forewarned, Forearmed, Foreshadowed, Foretold
single channel UHD video
9 minutes
Filmed in three locations in the former GDR – a Berlin watchtower, a Brandenburg hunting ground, and a Weisensee ammunitions factory - this experimental film is an analysis of the differentiation between story and narrative. Understanding modernism and post-modernism not as chronological moments, but instead as political positions, the film explores possibilities for a queer feminist narratology led by 'naive tricks and superimpositions'. It does this through combining various forms – Merce Cunningham inspired pas de deux, folkloric murals, tropes of the theatrical tradition, sculpture, and filmmaking itself - through a deconstructive lens led by The Narrator: an intense and shifting presence who delivers their text as an intimate invitation to the viewer. Inspired by Ursula le Guin's 'Carrier Bag Theory of Fiction', The Narrator asks, 'could we love a story without pursuit?'.
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