Nature/Nature/I Am Your Bride/Take Me
A cycle of performances with and for video
The Witch Project, Sophiensaele, Berlin, 2016
MOPE Festival, Vaasa, 2016
L'Amour, Paris, 2016
What is meant by the term: Supernatural?
How does the cry of "Nature/Nature/I am your Bride/take me!"
from Sally Potter's 1992 film of the Virginia Woolf novel Orlando
resonate as an answer to this question
of the forms and potentialities of a Super Nature?
Where are the warning signs
for the chasms and crevices
that fold and drop
between essentialism
and that which is essential?
Nature, Nature, I Am Your Bride, Take Me / 8.10.2016 /
The Witch Project, Sophiensaele, Berlin