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The Creep
2022 -

Installation series

To creep is to move quietly, with stealth, to avoid detection. A Creep is a person who produces feelings of discomfort and fear in others. Creeps creep. Their violence is experienced as affect - felt rather than seen - it is hard to quantify and therefore hard to prove, sometimes even hard to believe. People creep. So can institutions. Time creeps. So can pleasure.

The Creep at feldfünf is the first in a series of installations in which Berlin based choreographer and visual artist, Melanie Jame Wolf, will enact her ongoing creep studies. It is a prequel of creep textures in progress ahead of a large-scale version of the installation with a new moving image work at EWERK Luckenwalde in 2023.

The Creep is a choreography between 2 figures - a cowboy and a mountain - embodying a poetic meditation on violence and storytelling. Departing from Walter Benjamin's concept of 'mythic violence' - in which fascist power is accumulated and by performing itself as ancient and natural - The Creep studies the invisible and the insidious; forced silences, double meanings, and omissions; the weird and the eerie.

The installations continue Melanie Jame's formal exploration of the expanded choreographic possibilities of fabric, video, and printed text, whilst introducing new sculptural developments in her practice.
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