Parade : Parade
3 minutes 45 seconds
Two channel video, Full HD, colour, sound

Parade : Parade is a reimagining of a sketch by Pablo Picasso

for the costume design of a Pantomime Horse for 'Parade'

– a 1917 ballet from Diaghilev's Ballets Russes.

The ballet performs a one-act scenario by Jean Cocteau

in which a series of Vaudevillian acts attempt to lure an audience inside

to pay to witness their performances.


Without knowledge of 'Parade', I had fallen in love with Picasso's sketch

because of how it spoke about performance, transformation,

and the necessity of cooperation in making an image with bodies.

Disappointed with the realisation of the costume in the original ballet,

I made a new Pantomime Horse to be worn by myself and artist Sharon Smith 

in a performance for video layered with a recording of a text score

that speaks to ideas of performance as labour,

the specialised skill of that labour, and the class politics of entertainment.


This investigation of these ideas is thickened and complicated

by the event of two women artists from working class backgrounds

performing a correction to the work

of an intense coalition of middle- and upperclass modernist 'greats'.


It is also a love letter from me to my friend.

Director of Photography: Ashton Green